Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

I knew nothing of this book.  I've heard of it and thought I might read it one day.  But I was quite clueless going in.  I perceived it might be a pretty book.  Full of ribbons. bows,  sugar and spice and everything nice.  This book contains all this.  But there is so much more.  There is a heartbeat that does not cease in it's (digital) pages.  The author reveals truths and lessons for young women as she writes.  There are moments which are tender and other moments that have light hearted frivolity.  The end of the book has a mixture of joy and utter sadness mingled in nicely.  Saying that I did found myself distant from this book.  It did not effect me emotionally.  Both the happy and sad passages were taken very earnestly by this reader.  This surprised me as I am usually a person that books effect quite deeply.  Maybe one day if I ever re-read this story I would get more emotionally involved.  What I hope is that I have not setup these books that I am reading as a task.  Getting through as many books as I can and checking them off my list.  I'm hoping that will never be the case as fiction and reading is a true love of mine. 

If you have a young daughter then this is a must read book for them.  It is very tender and sweet and there is a light that shines through the (digital) pages.  I just hope you are able to have an emotional response that I can't quite get.

Next book on my list is the voyage of the beagle by Charles Darwin.

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